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Ultra Tough, Cost-Effective and Highly Accurate ZYPOS® and ZYBRID® Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-Based Touch Sensor Products Feature at Electronica

ZYPOS and ZYBRID are just two of the touch sensor products that Zytronic will be featuring during the Electronica show this year.  Based on the company’s internationally award-winning Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™), these products are highly accurate and offer better reliability and lifeexpectancy than conventional ‘front-face-active’ surface alternatives.

PCT™ - designed and manufactured by Zytronic - is achieved by embedding an array of near-invisible capacitors on the second surface of the front substrate within a laminated construction.  The capacitors may be up to 20mm below the screen surface, allowing them to be extremely well-protected from accidental or deliberate damage.  It can also detect touch through a gloved hand, has unlimited touch life and is drift-free, thus eliminating the need for costly and inconvenient recalibration. With one of the industry’s highest light transmission characteristics, PCT™ offers the ability to incorporate optional anti-reflective coatings and other filters and enhancements to increase performance and strength even further.

ZYPOS, the ‘standardised’ sensor offering, is suitable for high volume, cost-sensitive applications and easily meets today’s demanding touch requirements in a range of applications including retail, medical, industrial, gaming and video juke boxes.  The embedded sensing element is protected against any damage by a layer of 3mm thick glass and is available in a range of sizes from 7-inches to20.1-inches.

ZYBRID is a fully customisable, cost-effective product which allows designers to implement touchscreens with displays sizes ranging from just 5.5-inches to 82-inches.  ZYBRID sensors feature a chemically, physically and inert glass touch surface of up to 6mm thickness.   Able to withstand everyday use in the harshest of environments, ZYBRID is ideally suited to digital signage, industrial, medical and gaming applications.  It also offers numerous options such as screen printed borders and logos; front-surface anti-glare etches and rear surface antireflective coatings.

ZYPOS and ZYBRID offer a fast and accurate response time (<10ms) and the way in which both products are constructed protects the sensing elements from damage that can be caused by moisture, heat, common cleaning agents, grease and debris.  OEMs can create sealed designs with both products that comply with NEMA 4, 12 and IP 65 standards and driver software is fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP, XP-E, Vista, CE and Linux.

Visitors to the Zytronic stand (A3, 350) will be able to witness these and other products within the company’s expanding range of PCT touch sensors, in action during the show.