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Versatile Digital Signage Unit puts Vendors in Touch with Customers in all Environments

Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based ZYBRID® touch sensor product has been selected byTaiwanese industrial computing equipment manufacturer Wincomm, to serve at the heart of its Showcase Touch 42 inch interactive digital signage system.

Showcase Touch is a stylish, bezel free and versatile all-inone digital signage unit which has been designed to be used either in locations where it can be accessed directly, or can be mounted behind and operated through a window, capable of transforming a store front into a bright, eye-catching, fully interactive information point which can be used by passing customers in the street. This feature puts consumers in touch with essential data about products and services that the outlet offers, even out of hours. Many different types of retailers are likely to take advantage of this unique interactive display solution including; real estate companies, travel agencies, tourist information centres, and clothing boutiques.

Taking advantage of ZYBRID’s ability to be fully customised to requirements, Wincomm’s designers have created a completely flat fronted zero bezel design unit, with a tough screen printed touch sensor forming the user interface with the powerful computing system of the all-in-one signage unit.

The ZYBRID touchscreen is based on Zytronic’s proprietary PCT sensor matrix. This consists of a high resolution XY grid made up of ultra-thin copper capacitor elements. These detect and pinpoint the touch position through minute changes in frequency induced within the capacitor matrix. As the capacitor elements are only 10µm in diameter, they are practically invisible to the human eye when the display is in operation, and the screen itself has an intrinsically high light transmission, making the sensors ideal for outdoor locations or applications in direct sunlight.

ZYBRID is effectively immune to the daily wear and tear that other touchscreen technologies are frequently subjected to. This is because the sensing element is not exposed to any external elements, instead, it is embedded in a tough laminate substrate that can be placed behind an effectively impenetrable layer of glass (up to 20mm in thickness). ZYBRID can even be manipulated by a gloved hand.

Mike Yang, Marketing Manager for Wincomm, states “At the start of this project we evaluated many of the touchscreen technologies that are currently available, including resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave, infrared and dispersive signal technology, but PCT proved to be the best solution, balancing all our needs.” He adds, “Interactive digital signage can be a significant investment for customers, and so retailers want a system capable of making a real impact on consumers in all settings. As a result, a high level of versatility and reliability in the system, and not least the touchscreen, is vital. Zytronic’s touch technology allows the Showcase Touch unit to be easily integrated into any high street premises, both in-store and in-window, and its incredible durability makes it an excellent choice for public facing interactive applications such as this.”

According to Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director at Zytronic, “Companies like Wincomm are enabling a new wave of interactivity in advertising and retail markets, putting marketers in touch with customers in all environments and at any time of the day or night. With products like Showcase Touch, shop windows are no longer merely static display areas. Customers now have a wealth of information at their fingertips and are drawn to the bright, moving displays. By employing a PCT-based touch sensing solution, Wincomm can deliver interactive digital signage products that are certain to excite shoppers, with a versatility and reliability ensuring an excellent return on the vendor’s capital investment.”