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Zytronic brings force sensing touch technology to large screens at ISE

Zytronic is demonstrating its force sensing technology for large format interactive touch screens for the first time at ISE. Zytronic is seeing significant growth and interest in interactive video walls and large touch tables.

Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director at Zytronic, said, “Force or pressure sensing is a whole new way of interacting with a touch screen, and we are a pioneer in bringing it to financial, retail, gaming, industrial and other commercial touch screen applications, giving developers a fantastic opportunity to innovate. It is particularly powerful when used in combination with Zytronic multi touch technology, exceeding what is possible on all but the most advanced tablets and smartphones today. The technology used in consumer electronic devices doesn’t scale to large screens. We’ve developed our own, completely separate technology to implement this functionality.”


Zytronic will be demonstrating PCT™ and MPCT™ touch sensors with force sensing in ATMs, kiosks, game terminals and interactive video walls to differentiate between a soft and hard touch. Zytronic’s approach is based on a measurement of the surface area of an applied touch, which changes the measured capacitive signal levels at the relative touch location on the sensor. This eliminates the need for a piezo-electric or other layers on the glass to measure applied force or pressure. Since it relies on a modification to the firmware, it can in fact be retro-fitted to existing Zytronic touch screens.