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Zytronic Brings Touch Functionality to Advantech Panel PC’s

Taiwan’s leading embedded computing manufacturer, Advantech, has again selected Zytronic’s highly acclaimed Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based touch sensors and is offering the option of a ZYPOS® touch sensor in its latest ruggedized 17-inch panel PC.

The PPC-175T has a 17-inch colour TFT LCD with a 1280 x 1024 resolution and features a high performance Intel microprocessor chip (Pentium or Celeron M), 2GBytes of DDR RAM memory, and a host of high speed interconnects. Designed for use in the harshest industrial environments, the PPC-175T has an operating temperature which extends from 0°C right through to 50°C in humidity levels of up to 85% andis capable of withstanding up to 10G of shock. Notably, it is also encased within an IP67 rated enclosure to fully protect it against water ingress.

The 17.1-inch ZYPOS touchscreen which forms an integral part of this extremely durable panel PC is based on Zytronic’s proprietary projected capacitive touch sensing technology (or PCT). The sensing element consists of an interlocking matrix of micro-fine capacitors, each one only 10µm in diameter (a mere quarter of the thickness of a human hair), optically laminated behind a pure glass panel.

What sets PCT apart from other touch sensing technologies - such as resistive, acoustic or optical systems - is that the sensor element is not located on the outer surface or edge of the screen, where it would be exposed to potential sources of harm, but instead embedded into a durable laminated glass substrate that can even be placed behind and operated through a thick layer of glass or polycarbonate for added protection. With a pure glass front, the sensor can be completely sealed into its enclosure. These unique attributes mean that PCT-based touchscreens are a compelling touch solution for all manner of heavy duty industrial applications, and can even be operated with a gloved hand. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even in the harshest climates, Zytronic’s projected capacitive touch sensors enable a long and trouble-free operating lifespan, and reduce the need for expensive maintenance call outs.

“The PPC-175T was specifically designed to provide customers in a wide variety of applications with a high performance touch controlled industrial computing unit, so it was vitally important that we could offer users a solution for the most demanding applications. Using ZYPOS, with its exceptionally high levels of durability and reliability, we are confident that the PPC-175T will deliver continued long term operation regardless of the tough environments in which it will be deployed,” Brad Hu, Product Manager at Advantech confirms. “We have been working closely with Zytronic, and its local representative, PCT Ltd, on panel PC developments for over 2 years and have been greatly impressed with the consistent level of technical support and consultancy we have received.”

“As an off-the-shelf product, ZYPOS allows industrial designers to rapidly and cost effectively take advantage of the unique combination of attributes that Zytronic’s projected capacitive touch sensing technology provides,” states Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director, Zytronic. “This means it can enable touchscreen systems to be created which present an intuitive control method that is effectively immune to operational wear-and-tear, as well being sealable to the highest levels, while maintaining the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. Using ZYPOS, Advantech has been able to implement a touchscreen that meets the most exacting industrial demands,” he adds.