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Zytronic designs all-weather multitouch sensor for European digital signage company

Newcastle, UK, 24th February 2021

Zytronic today announced that its multitouch projected capacitive (MPCT™) sensor has been integrated into a new digital signage totem that also benefits the community in which it is installed. In a novel development, Slovenia-based digital out of home (DOOH) systems manufacturer, Infinitus has chosen Zytronic's touch technology to create a user interface that enables members of the public to view first aid information, call the emergency services and even obtain rapid access to an in-built automated external defibrillator (AED).

All Weather LCD Screens

Wayfinding and informational digital signage totems are a sizeable investment for municipal governments who want to update their urban infrastructure to create 'smart', networked cities. As these large format outdoor LCD screen displays are typically installed in locations where there is a high footfall, such as railway and bus stations, points of interest and tourist attractions, the obvious route for generating revenue to cover costs is through on-screen advertising.

An innovator, long experienced in designing and manufacturing premium DOOH systems, Infinitus has added many features to its latest imotion Safety Point twin-75" totems, including NFC, WiFi, cameras, and sophisticated sensors to gather and display local weather and air quality information. Furthermore, an interactive module on the side of the unit enables public access to an AED and emergency support. "The usual locations of outdoor digital totems are accessible public spots," explains Damjan Oven, CMO at Infinitus. "These sites are therefore perfect for AEDs."