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Zytronic Receives Silver Award from Diebold Inc. for 2nd Year Running

22 March 2013

Diebold Inc. has awarded Zytronic with Silver status at their Global Supplier Summit in Canton, Ohio, based on our continued excellence and overall performance in 2012. This is the second consecutive year we’ve been honoured to receive this award.

The award is marked on several key categories including Quality, Delivery Performance, Business Relationship, Lead Time and Innovation. The approach is used to monitor and assess their suppliers and helps Diebold shape long term strategic purchasing decisions.

Headquartered in the USA and manufacturing around the world, Diebold (NYE: DBD) has a 150-year history and are a leading supplier of innovative self-service and security solutions.  Zytronic has supplied Diebold’s global operations with vandal resistant touchscreens and other glass components for more than 10 years.

Read more about our work with Diebold in developing innovative, durable and functional user interfaces for ATM’s and other self-service financial systems.