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Zytronic’s PCT® Delivers Improved Customer Satisfaction Through Interactive Service Points

Using Zytronic’s customised 17” ZYBRID® touch sensor, Customer Flow Management (CFM) leaders Qmatic are providing an improved interactive customer experience and high impact digital signage.

Pioneers in CFM, Qmatic offer a range of solutions to improve business through their unique customer flow management system, providing a “meet and greet service”, reduced waiting times and aim to create a more agreeable reception area experience.

Working with Zytronic’s award winning projected capacitive technology, the Duet Virtua solution is an all-in-one unit which delivers multiple tailor-made services to its clients via its sleek bezel-less touchscreen monitor. The unit provides clear messages, delivers slide shows and cinematic video as well as managing virtual queues and digital signage. The printed and toughened ZYBRID® touch sensor used within the Duet Virtua units is ideal for unattended environments, and provides users with a touch experience familiar to them from the latest smartphones and tablet computers. At the same time Zytronic’s award winning touch technology provides companies and operators deploying the unit with a rugged interface, which has been proven in the world’s toughest self-service environments.

Qmatic’s unique graphical user interface is complemented by accurate, millisecond fast response times from the ZYBRID® touchscreen, ensuring a satisfying and intuitive experience for customers. Other benefits of the customised touch screen designed for Qmatic include a practical all-glass surface without dirt accumulating bezels and frames, making the Duet Virtua ideal for use in busy public environments such as hospitals, medical clinics, banks and government organisations where frequent cleaning with aggressive sterilizing fluids often occurs.