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Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) Deliver Touch Panel Successes At “Record-Breaking” Sizes

Zytronic - the leading developer and manufacturer of Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based touch sensors – has announced that its technology is being used to build touch panels in sizes up to 80" and has highlighted several large form factor installations that went live in the last 12 months. The announcement follows recent reports that the world's largest projected capacitive touchscreens stood at just over 20".

In Taiwan, applied computing giant Advantech is using 42" ZYBRID® PCT™ touchscreens supplied by Zytronic in its Digital Signage Interactive Stations, which deliver interactive information with outstanding visual effects in locations such as hotels, conference centres, retail areas, cinemas, exhibitions, and museums. Another Taiwanese customer using 42" PCT™ touch panels is the industrial computing equipment manufacturer Wincomm, whose Showcase Touch interactive digital signage systems can be mounted behind and operated through a glass window, thanks to PCT™ technology. This allows commercial storefronts to become fully interactive, street-level information points.

Further afield, the Australian retail digital media specialist, Yeahpoint, has used 42" ZYBRID® PCT™ panels to create interactive self-service tabletops, operating through printed and toughened glass overlays, for SingTel’s chain of retail outlets in Singapore, which speed up access for customers downloading mobile applications onto their phones. In the US, interactive media innovator, Ecast, is already deploying 40" PCT™ touchscreens to deliver smartphone-like media experiences from its award winning EQ™ and IQ™ systems in bars, restaurants, sporting arenas, shopping malls and other public areas. The kiosks support graphical features and gesture-based navigation as seen in the latest handheld applications.

The new iMotion® large format, all-weather, digital displays, which integrates Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® PCT™ sensor system, has also just been released by Slovenian manufacturer Infinitus. This robust and resilient, IP65-rated, high resolution product range has an optional 46, 52 or 65" touchscreen, and is designed for particularly harsh environments, such as ski resorts and filling stations.

Zytronic’s sales and marketing director, Ian Crosby, comments, “Unlike projected capacitive touch sensing technologies, which rely upon conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) deposited tracks and have inherent size limitations, Zytronic’s proprietary PCT™ is based upon micro-fine copper electrodes, and is unique in its ability to support glass-based projected capacitive solutions in sizes of 80" and beyond.”

With the falling price of large, high brightness LCD's, and the growing public acceptance of touch interactivity in self service and digital signage applications, the market for rugged, weatherproof touchscreen solutions for use indoor and outdoor public areas is rapidly increasing. PCT™ is the ideal solution for these applications, and has been proven over eight years in the field.

Crosby continues, “As user interface design advances in the wake of the iPhone phenomenon, consumer demand for much more advanced touch capabilities such as gesture recognition, multi touch detection, and ever faster touch response is growing. This in turn is driving the need for better touch controller solutions which can support these new features in all form factors.”

Supporting his comments, Crosby explains that Zytronic’s latest range of 32-bit ARM-based controllers, launching in May this year, is designed to support next-generation capabilities such as these across the full range of PCT™ sensors manufactured by the company, as well as improved resolution and new functionality such as in-field firmware upgrades, enabling system integrators, operators and users alike to benefit.