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Zytronic’s Vandal-Resistant Glass is the Clear Winner for London Underground’s First Digital Poster Network

Esprit Digital, a company that specialises in using the latest technology to deliver eyecatching digital displays has chosen Zytronic’s vandal-resistant glass for its flagship digital poster product. The E5C digital poster technology, which can now be seen at London Underground’s first digital poster network at Tottenham Court Road station, uses Zytronic’s rugged, anti-glare, laminated glass display panels.

Esprit Digital’s E5C system offers subway system owners and advertising contractors a new and novel way of commanding the attention of viewers because unlike traditional static sites, these digital posters, positioned (in the case of Tottenham Court Road tube station) alongside an escalator, show moving images which pass from screen to screen, seamlessly cascading.

Bright, 23” LCDs with built-in media players that synchronise with each other and also with a remote media management centre via the Internet, are at the heart of the system. Esprit Digital’s patented Image Flow™ technology enables up to 250 screens to be networked together and synchronised so that the adverts move with the audience. Running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the screens ring in to the media management server every two minutes for copy, and new content is uploaded once a fortnight. The server can also pinpoint which screens are not ringing in and therefore may not be working for whatever reason and fix the problem remotely.

As the London Underground environment imposes very specific demands all product must meet IP65 Section 12 requirements and Zytronic was able to deliver an extremely robust, fully laminated, anti-glare coated glass solution that could meet these safety criteria. The 23” systems are designed in to ruggedised, vandal-resistant, sealed enclosures and had to undergo an extremely rigorous testing process which included a dust tunnel and hammer test; burning at 1,000°C for one hour without any emissions, and full submersion under water.

“A critical component for the E5C system was a glass panel solution that could offer us reliability, optical clarity and resistance to the harsh environment of the underground system, in addition to meeting London Underground’s safety standards ” says Peter Livesey, managing director of Esprit Digital. “Zytronic was the only company that could meet and deliver all of these criteria.”

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