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Zytronic Strengthens Sales Presence in North/Latin America

Zytronic, the leading designer and manufacturer of internationally award-winning PCT™-based touch sensors, continues to expand its global presence and has entered into a sales representation deal with Marathon Technical Associates. The new agreement will cover the South East of the United States and Brazil.

Headquartered in Orlando, and with several sales offices in Florida and San Paolo, Brazil, Marathon has been providing high tech companies with local sales support for almost 25 years. It possesses a highly experienced, technically-strong sales force and an impressive line card of blue-chip electronic component products used in a variety of industries, including display manufacture.

Zytronic’s unique PCT™-based touch sensor structure comprises a matrix of micro-fine capacitors (each just 10µm in diameter) embedded into a thick, rugged, laminated substrate. This significantly differentiates it from alternative touchscreen technologies where the sensing element is placed on the outer surface of the display assembly (known as ‘front-face-active’) and is thereby exposed to numerous forms of wear and tear, such as dirt, grease, moisture and scratches on the surface of the display, which can often lead to inoperability of the touchscreen. Because the active sensing element of PCT™ is embedded behind a glass panel which may also be laminated or tempered, it is extremely well-protected and touch performance will remain unaffected by external elements.

PCT™ is drift-free and may be operated with gloved hands. Its reliability and design flexibility enables the development of touchscreen-based applications - ranging from interactive digital signage, self-service kiosks and public information systems, to industrial controls, vending and gaming – with significantly higher levels of accuracy and durability for use in the toughest indoor and outdoor working environments, while maintaining a long and trouble-free operation.

“Zytronic’s projected capacitive touch sensors offer many advantages over competing technologies on the market, and meet the growing demand for highly reliable and durable interactive display solutions which are accelerating in all sectors including retail, industrial and medical,” Scot Smotherman, President of Marathon Technical Associates, comments. “The team at Marathon is very excited by the prospect of representing the company. We have a proven track record of providing the highest levels of customer support across our large geographic region. By having an integrated and multilingual organisation, which focuses heavily on demand creation, Zytronic can be confident that it will achieve many major design wins here in the future.”

“As touch technology is rapidly becoming the preferred human-machine interface, this ongoing trend opens up many new and exciting opportunities for our growing portfolio of PCT™ touch sensors in regions such as Latin America, which we recognise as a strategically important market,” states Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director at Zytronic.  “Marathon has a highly-motivated, professional staff and we are very confident that it will make great headway in establishing the Zytronic brand across its territory, and achieve the same level of traction here as our products already enjoy in other parts of the world. We look forward to working closely with the Marathon team and maximising opportunities both in the United States and in Latin America.”