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Zytronic to demonstrate interactive touch displays with embedded mechanical controls at G2E 2018

Integrating mechanical controls into the active touch area blends tactile response with touch interactivity, opens new design possibilities for casino and skill game developers

Zytronic is delivering an industry first at G2E with the demonstration of tactile buttons and dials within the touch area of its touchscreens. In addition to the integrated mechanical capabilities, the company will also demonstrate its new ZXY500 touch controller which has made it possible to also incorporate wireless capabilities such as NFC payment processing and Qi-based wireless mobile phone charging, and in addition enabling near border-less touch display designs.

Commenting, Ian Crosby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zytronic, said, “Players love the tactility of a physical control, particularly for skill based gaming, as well as the flexibility and dynamism of a touchscreen interface. Through Zytronic’s innovative sensing technology designers can now bring the two experiences completely together, fitting a multitude of tactile buttons or physical dials in the active area of the touchscreen. This is just the latest example of the many ways in which we innovate so that pay-to-play game designers can create designs that are unique and different.”

On its booth at G2E, Zytronic will run a live game on a bespoke interactive table, which features four physical tactile controls located in apertures in the projected capacitive touch surface. This capability is a result of Zytronic’s unique manufacturing processes and full control over touch controller design, which allow the touch sensing electrodes to be plotted around the aperture and custom firmware to be created, running on the new ZXY500 touch controller, which together enable full touch functionality around the physical button. Zytronic touch sensors can accommodate a range of different mechanical controls, from a simple push button to place a bet to a dial whose position is detected through the touch sensor.

Zytronic G2E Booth 1335

Zytronic will be exhibiting its ZXY500 family of Multitouch controllers at G2E for the first time. Designed specifically for use with Zytronic touch sensors, the ZXY500 achieves exceptional performance and noise immunity on displays up to 85” diagonal and beyond, thanks to its high drive signal and proprietary sensing algorithms. As a result, sensors driven through this controller can be compatible with technologies such as RFID, NFC and Qi charging which emit wireless signals that interfere with the operation of conventional projected capacitive touchscreens. Additionally, the new projected capacitive touch controllers enable near borderless touch displays to be developed, creating stunning, slimline player interface designs, and also helping to minimise the ‘footprint’ of game machines – increasingly important on crowded casino floors. Features such as payment through the screen and integrated mobile phone charging stations can now be included in the console, improving convenience for the player and potentially extending their stay at the machine.

Photo caption: On the 2018 G2E stand, Zytronic will demonstrate the first interactive displays with integrated mechanical controls such as buttons and dials within the touch area