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Zytronic to Launch Replacement for Soft Membrane Switches

Continuing its support for expansion and growth in Europe, Zytronic has appointed a new Swedish distributor, Jolex AB, which will provide local support and expertise for Zytronic’s range of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielded optical filter and window technologies. Zytronic now has a total of seven distributors covering 12 European countries.

EMC and sealing solution specialist Jolex AB has a great deal of experience in shielding technologies and has customers in a wide range of market sectors including electronics, military, and data and telecommunications.

Zytronic’s advanced RFI and EMI solutions can be tailored for different environments and applications ranging from military displays (hand-held computers, communications systems); secure areas (computer rooms, buildings and test chambers) and information displays (airport, rail and bus terminals) to telecommunications racks, radar applications, medical and navigation equipment.

Bill Moodie, sales director at Zytronic says, “Zytronic offers one of the most extensive and cost-effective ranges of solutions for the electromagnetic shielding of displays, enabling Jolex AB to provide its customers with a combination of the highest levels of RFI/EMI shielding without any compromise on optical performance, in all types of applications. In addition, the expertise that Jolex AB offers in this field will ensure the provision of excellent local support for our RFI/EMI shielding technologies.”