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The manufacturing technology employed for ZYPOS® is unique to Zytronic and offers significant benefits to traditional users of resistive, capacitive and SAW technologies. Unlike other touch technologies, the active component of ZYPOS® is embedded for protection, providing a true safety laminated pure glass-fronted construction.


Not only does this produce a highly dependable, low-maintenance and durable system, it also offers unrivalled protection against a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical abuse, providing the cost effective solution for the most demanding of applications such as POS, gaming and In-vehicle equipment.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Laminated safety glass fronted construction.
  • Excellent readability – light transmission of up to 91% through a standard sensor.
  • Accuracy – < ~1mm on 10.4” to 17.1” sized units.
  • Response time – < 20ms.
  • Stability – no drift, therefore no recalibration is required.
  • Pointing device – works with gloved and ungloved finger.
  • Environments – functionality is unaffected by surface contaminants.
  • Resistance to contamination – unaffected by harsh cleaning fluids and other noxious substances.
  • Operating temperature – ranges from –20ºC to > +60ºC.
  • Flying tail and separate controller for ease of installation.
  • Supports serial RS232 or USBv1.1, compatible with USBv2.0.
  • Output protocol available to allow users to customise own drivers.
  • The ideal solution for all large format touch screen applications.

Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® and ZYPOS® touch sensors offer a range of benefits not available in any other single touch sensor technology.

Important Note: These benefits are based on current developments, and best knowledge. They are subject to review and therefore may change without notice.

Touch screen technology used for signage in interactive billboard


A safety laminated front glass and rear plastic sensor, which encompasses the sensing medium; a flying connector tail; and a separate control card that connects to the communications port of the computer.

Detection Method: PCT™ and MPCT™
Power Requirements: Refer to Controller data sheet
Operating Temperature: -35°C to >+70°C
Humidity: 0 to 90% RH @ 40°C, unaffected by condensation
Speed of Response: <10ms
Durability: Long term; glass front, no surface coatings, without moving or wearing parts
Resolution: >4 lines/mm (NBS1963A)
What it Detects: Finger, gloved or ungloved. Conductive stylus
Resistance to Contamination: Sensing media protected by glass, exceeds requirements of ASTM-F1598-96
Light Transmission: ~90%
Immunity to Damage: Inert glass front – sensing media is not touched by the operator. No moving parts
Stability: Use of fixed wires ensures one time calibration and no drift with usage or time
Glass Options: Various glass types and thicknesses available; custom screen printed borders/logos; flat or curved glass; drilled holes, slots and edge profiles, etc.
MTBF (Sensor): Glass with no moving parts or coatings. No known wear out mechanisms
Regulatory: CE, FCC-B and UL when installed in system
Sealability: Ability to be NEMA 4, 12 and IP65 compliant
Operating System Support: Visit Drivers page
Protocol: Protocol available to allow users to customise their driver design
Connectivity: Serial RS-232 or USB v1.1, compatible with USB v2.0 (refer to Controller data sheet)

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