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Ideal for retail and interactive digital signage deployments, ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® are flexible interactive film touch panels incorporating ZYTRONIC’s patented projected capacitive technology (PCT™). Designed to provide large, eye-catching interactive displays, the touch panels are mounted to the rear surface of a rigid transparent substrate (such as glass or plastic) and operated by touching the substrate’s front surface.

Increased Design Flexibility

The film gives customers increased design flexibility when it comes to creating their own touchscreen displays by laminating the film onto the rear of transparent surfaces – such as a shop window – and combining it with a projector or LCD screen. Currently available in sizes of up to 85 inches, the polyester touch foils can be deployed in semi-permanent and permanent applications when correctly laminated to a suitable substrate.


Class-Leading Touch Performance

Used in conjunction with Zytronic’s ZXY200 and ZXY300 multi-touch controllers, the touch foils are capable of detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points through glass thicknesses of 10mm. This results in a cost-effective interactive solution with class-leading touch performance. The thinner construction of the new ZYFILM touch foils means that they can be packed in tubes when shipped in small quantities, minimising transportation costs.


Durable and Reliable

When mounted on the rear surface of a protective substrate, the projected capacitive sensor is well protected and highly resilient to the rigours of everyday public use. This, coupled with its one-time calibration and absence of drift, translates into extremely high levels of reliability, which are essential for hassle-free year-round operation.


Adaptable and Easy to Install

With our how-to videos, installation of ZYFILM® to windows or glass fronts is possible through our step-by-step tutorials.

Find out more about installing MPCT™ ZYFILM® to a glass panel.

Find out more about installing rear projection MPCT™ ZYFILM® to a window.

Sales & Marketing Director Ian Crosby comments: “We want to provide our customers around the world with access to Zytronic’s industry-leading touch sensor technology, regardless of the physical format of their end application. This new film delivers a highly flexible solution – in all senses of the word – and will enable brand owners to engage with customers in creative and productive ways.”


How Does ZYFILM® Work?

The associated electronic controller effectively divides the sensor into pixel-sized sensing cells, using an array of embedded microfine metal track electrodes, which are not ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) based, and are virtually invisible when in front of a powered display or rear projection film. These tracks are connected to the electronic controller board and an oscillation frequency is established for each track. Using the theory of capacitance field effect, a touch on the overlay substrate to which the sensor is mounted causes a change in the oscillating frequency of the tracks around that particular point, the position of which is then determined by the driver software. Unlike conventional capacitive systems where the operator touches the actual conducting surface of the sensor, the active component of ZYFILM® / ZYPROFILM® is embedded within the sensor panel and protected by the mounting substrate.

The driver software allows the touch sensor panel to interface with the host computer’s operating system by emulating the behaviour of a computer mouse and translating touches into mouse movements and clicks.

ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® are available with various surface preparations to facilitate bonding to the supporting substrate or window.


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Detection method: Projected Capacitance Technology
Construction: PET film and/or rear projection medium with embedded micro-fine sensing array
Electronics: Detachable PCB with USB connectivity
Size range: 15″ – 84″
Operating humidity: 90%RH @ 40°C
Storage temperature: -10deg;C > +60°C
Storage humidity: 90%RH @ 40°C
Resistance to contamination: Determined by mounting substrate
Water resistance: Determined by mounting substrate
Operating temperature: 0°C > +50°C
Immunity to damage: Protected by mounting substrate / no moving parts
Sensor thickness: ZYFILM ~0.3mm, ZYPROFILM ~0.5mm depending on rear projection material selected
Stylus type: Finger, gloved hand, conductive stylus
Operating force: <0.1g
Sensor MTBF: No moving parts / no known wear out mechanism
Power requirements: Power from USB port (5V±5%, less than 100mA)
Regulatory: Controller compliant with CE and UL EMC FCC, CE
Resolution: 30” to 50” <3mm, 55” and above <5mm
Positional accuracy: <1.5% of diagonal error within the recommended viewing
Sensitivity: Adjustable in software. Maximum thickness of glass mounting substrate 12mm (single layer – no double glazing)
Calibration drift: One time calibration, no drift
Functionality: Mouse move only, activate on touch, activate on release, drag and drop, touch / hold / release
Connectivity: USB V1.1, compatible with USB V2.0 (3m standard cable length, 5m maximum cable length recommended with USB)

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