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With the relentless rise in online shopping, some feared the demise of the “high street” experience. However, “bricks and mortar’ companies are evolving and adopting the latest digital technology for retail to put choice at the fingertips of customers irrespective of time or location. Zytronic projected capacitive touch sensors combine the durability and performance necessary for the most demanding of self-service, point of sale applications.

These days, touchscreens used in vending systems do not just need to be utterly reliable; they also need to deliver on system appearance too, taking the kiosk design from just a nondescript “grey box” and helping to make it stand out, drawings users to engage and purchase.

Applications in this field can range from large digital vending machines selling soft drinks on railway station concourses and platforms to “click and collect” drive-in/through kiosks in quick-serve restaurants (QSR) and supermarket car parks, to the latest touchscreen-enabled self-service fuel dispensers that enable customers to not only refuel/recharge their vehicle but also order snacks to be brought to their car.

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