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Digital Signage

As the Digital Signage or Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) industry and the advertisers they serve try to find new ways to engage with customers and understand individual user preferences, large format touchscreen displays are becoming the next logical step brands are taking to deliver tailored, user-specific content and communicate directly with prospective purchasers.

Initially, sophisticated interactive touch-enabled displays where solely deployed in supervised, high profile locations. As the cost of large format, high-brightness displays have fallen, touch sensors are increasingly being used in interactive digital signs and public information displays in more demanding locations. As they may be placed outdoors or in areas where they are not monitored 24/7, they must have the ability to withstand demanding weather conditions and resist damage from their environment or vandalism when left unattended. Zytronic’s projected capacitive touchscreens are proven and trusted to be robust and rugged enough to survive the rigours of public use whilst remaining reliable and user-friendly, creating a hard-wearing user interface which is nonetheless sensitive enough to provide a satisfying experience. Our touch sensors will ensure that information is always readily available at your customer’s fingertips, at any time and in any location.


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