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Advances in projected capacitive touch technology have brought new opportunities for creating compelling, socially interactive applications via horizontal and vertical touchscreen surfaces, and not necessarily always in combination with an LCD/display. When large multi touch screens are used in tables they enable multiple users to engage, collaborate and share information. Horizontally-mounted touchscreens grant a level of social interaction not possible with wall-mounted systems.

Zytronic’s patented and award-winning touch technologies are capable of operation through more than just glass. In fact, touches can be detected through almost any non-conductive material, such as wood, stone, and plastics. This opens a limitless range of possibilities for product developers to incorporate touch interactivity within their innovative designs.

Zytronic’s MPCT™ touch sensors support large format displays up to nearly 100” (diagonal) and can detect 100 or more independent simultaneous touches, enabling a level of collaboration unmatched by competing technologies. When specified, our in-house processed, thermally toughened glass is up to 6x stronger than un-tempered material, making it ideal for public and unattended self-service use. Our touchscreens are also proven resistant to and unaffected by scratches, scuffs, or even intentional vandalism.

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