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Zytronic have developed an extensive range of touch controllers to work with our portfolio of highly durable, projected capacitive (p-cap) touch sensing products. Supporting sizes from 5-85” our controllers offer Single or full Multi-touch functionality, and benefits including smart, plug & play Operating System support (making it quick and easy to set up our touch sensors), and outstanding “palm rejection” capability (to help reduce incidents of “false” touches, when users lean on a touch sensor).

Single Touch

Zytronic’s touch controller designed for use with our award winning self-capacitive Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™). It supports single touch operation and where the Operating System allows, also simple gestures such as swipes.

  • pinch
  • flick
  • rotate
  • zoom
  • glass

Multi Touch ZXY500™

New 80-point Multitouch

multi touch icon 2

Zytronic’s patented multitouch controllers designed for use with our mutual capacitive MPCT™ sensors.

  • pinch
  • flick
  • rotate
  • zoom
  • Pressure icon 2
  • 80 point touch icon 2

Our controllers support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Linux. A free software utility (ZyConfig) is available to download from our website which enables the optimum touch settings for the controller to be quickly established.

Windows and Linux logos

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