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How ElectroglaZ works

ElectroglaZ™ enables an almost infinite range of potential applications. From truly wireless and wire-free bedside table charging points to stunning, illuminated display cases, floating interactive touchscreens to cutting-edge architectural lighting systems, ElectroglaZ™ presents a range of opportunities for never-before-possible product designs.

By utilising conductive transparent coatings laminated between two or more glass panels, ElectroglaZ™ can deliver power to low power (<50V) electro-mechanical devices embedded at practically any point within the glass without the need for wires. External power is delivered to the edge of ElectroglaZ™ panels and can be hidden from view. The result is that multiple low-power devices of your choice e.g., lights, fans, motors, sensors, actuators, etc., can be invisibly driven and appear to be ‘floating’ within the glass panels.

With the myriad range of electromechanical devices that can be powered within an ElectroglaZ™ panel, the ability to shape the glass to almost any shape or size, and the vast range of applicable sectors this innovation can be used in, we’ve only just begun to envisage what this new technology is capable of and what it can accomplish in different use case scenarios.

We think that this patent-pending breakthrough needs to be seen to be believed; take a look at some of the exciting possible applications of ElectroglaZ™ in the videos below.

ElectroglaZ – Wireless Induction Charging

ElectroglaZ™ can be used to invisibly transfer power to low power electronic devices such as induction charging pads or USB ports for mobile phones and tablets, making it ideal for corporate tables and high-end consumer electronics retailers

ElectroglaZ- Display Case Lighting Demo

ElectroglaZ™ can be produced from thick toughened laminated glass panels to create stunning transparent, yet highly impact resistant cases with inbuilt LED spotlights for displaying high value objects in retail and museums.


ElectroglaZ – Display Table Demo

ElectroglaZ™ can be used to transparently transfer power to a variety of electromechanical devices embedded within the laminated glass panel, such as lights, fans and motors, with no visible means of connection

ElectroglaZ – Suspended Lighting and Touch Control

ElectroglaZ™ can be used to invisibly power LED lighting controlled remotely by Bluetooth to create eye-catching downlighting panels for corporate, high end retail and design-led architectural applications.

ElectroglaZ – Illuminated Glass Shelving

ElectroglaZ™ can be used to deliver power to LED spotlights and other devices through a transparent glass shelf to give retailers, and galleries that ‘wow’ factor when illuminating and presenting an object or artifact.