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What Are The Potential Uses For ElectroglaZ?

Retail/Point of Sale

Innovative, eye-catching furniture that can combine multiple functions

  • Flush surface, sleek designs
  • No wires to the USB sockets or power docks
  • Phones, tablets and laptops can be charged and powered with their standard cables, induction charging pads, etc
  • Zytronic p-cap touch can be incorporated into the surface to add multi-user interactivity and tangible object recognition



  • High-end Retail
  • Corporate ‘smart’ furniture
  • Museums and entertainment destinations


Stylish and unobtrusively lit display cabinets that showcase products and artifacts beautifully.

  • Completely transparent from all viewing positions
  • Adaptable light positioning
  • Adjustable shelf positioning
  • Ease of replacement
  • Integrated power supply with shelf hanging apparatus



  • Museums, art galleries and private collections
  • High-end retail stores, e.g. jewellery, ceramics
  • Exhibitions and public spaces
  • Corporate and Government offices

Lighting (Commercial/Domestic)

Low power lighting panels that can be suspended from ceilings or base plate mounted. Transparency emphasises a sense of space and airiness.

Example – sleek, minimalist design lighting featuring:

  • Embedded LED lights
  • Power delivered to panels via suspension cables (or base plate)
  • Suspensions cables can be motorised to raise/lower panels



  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Architectural
  • Premium domestic


The ability to incorporate power delivery points in a transparent, toughened glass panel of nearly any shape and size, opens radical new design potential for designers of commercial and corporate furniture.

Example – interactive touch table featuring:

  • Zytronic multitouch/multiuser projected capacitive touch sensing technology
  • Tangible object recognition capability
  • Multiple low power device charging ports for phones, tablets, laptops, etc.



  • Corporate
  • High-end Retail
  • Government
  • Architectural


The safety and security of the interior and exterior of any building is paramount and often requires preparation and a lot of wiring.

Example – CCTV camera unit featuring:

  1. Protective cover
  2. 360 degree camera (powered through glass but controlled by WiFi)
  3. Rotary housing



  • Monitor internal /external views
  • Automatically track movement
  • Remotely control direction and depth
  • Contained network of data and secure information


Embedding power delivery points within hygienic, easy to clean glass panels without the need for cluttering cables and leads creates new possibilities for developers of medical equipment.

Example – clean room safety cabinet featuring:

  • Flush mounted LED lighting
  • Disinfecting UV lamps
  • Extraction fans/HEPA filters within the glass hood
  • In-built pass-throughs
  • All glass construction enabling viewing from all positions



  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical
  • Semiconductor


Appliances (low power)

Move the design of “White Goods” to “Transparent Goods” by invisibly delivering power to embedded devices within home appliance user interfaces.

Example – stylish home entertainment system featuring:

  • Wireless speakers embedded in the glass
  • ‘Floating’ LED info display
  • Zytronic p-cap touch sensing controls
  • Sliders, dials and control wheels machined into glass, giving tactile feel to the user



  • Home appliances with a unique design aesthetic
  • HMI panels, e.g. elevators or access control
  • Medical systems
  • Security screens incorporating electromechnical devices