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Place-based interactive media innovator Ecast delivers award-winning performance with Zytronic’s ZYBRID® PCT™ touchscreens.


Leaders in touch technology Zytronic provided 40-inch Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based ZYBRID® touch sensors for the Ecast EQ in-venue interactive media product, which supports rich user experiences for young, technology-savvy customers in locations such as bars, restaurants and night clubs. Ecast has also used ZYBRID® PCT™ touch sensors in its Ecast IQ product, which offers similar levels of interactivity to provide customer-centric experiences across countless industries and sectors such as retail, hotels, casinos, sports arenas and many more.

Two happy customers using an E-case touch screen kiosk in a bar

Key Information

The Ecast EQ is a vertically oriented high definition touchscreen with a graphic rich interface that attracts users to interactive social media such as the music jukebox, photo sharing and promotional advertising. The product takes advantage of the large screen sizes supported by ZYBRID® to maximise ease of use and customer engagement, benefiting from the high durability and reliability of PCT™ touch sensing. ZYBRID® also enables the Ecast EQ to operate effectively in any ambient lighting, including daylight, bright indoor lighting, or darkened areas.

These features mean that PCT™ sensors can operate and be cleaned normally in areas subject to frequent liquid spills, scratching and dirt accumulation, without any impairment to the touchscreen functionality. In addition to its unparalleled durability, PCT™ is also drift-free, which contributes to minimizing maintenance requirements and the total cost of ownership for equipment operators. As a further advantage, PCT™ touch sensors can be designed to require no frame or bezel, which provides greater freedom for product designers to achieve attractive, flat-fronted styles for a sleek and stylish, modern appearance.

“Our interactive media products are the gateway to high transaction, rich media experiences in-venue, and ZYBRID® has played a central role in enabling us to deliver this vision for our customers. A touchscreen solution that is totally reliable and able to operate in the most demanding locations is vital in delivering a satisfying customer experience and significantly contributes to our ability to successfully compete with other solution providers in the same market. After evaluating a number of other touchscreen technologies, only ZYBRID® offered the high levels of durability, accuracy and flexibility that are crucial to the success of our products.”

Jonathan Howe, Director of Manufacturing and Partner Development, Ecast.

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