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Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about
our patented projective capacitive Technology.

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How can I get updates about your touch screen technology?

You can follow Zytronic on Twitter to receive up to date information about us and our products.


How can I set up your touch screen sensor with my operating system?

Set up is quick and easy with our new ‘Smart set up software‘. Our ZyConfig set up tool guides users through a series of user friendly stages and automatically checks the touchscreen and controller for the optimal settings; this allows for the best performance from our PCT and MPCT touchscreens.

Can you provide technical information about your touch screen technology in different languages?

Yes, we offer versions of our technical information in English, Chinese and Japanese. We also have 3 dedicated microsites for customers in the USA, China and Japan.

Can you manufacture touch film products?

Yes we are able to manufacture touch film products up to 84”

We offer 2 options:

Our ZYFILM® are transparent touch foils intended for use in front of an LCD and our ZYPROFILM® are touch foils with an integral laminated rear projection film for use with rear projection systems.

Our touch films can be produced with both dual touch and multi touch offering up to 40 independent touches.

Do you offer customisable projected capacitive technology?

Yes, we can customise our touchscreen technology with a number of options including glass thickness, surface treatment and edge finishes as well as printed borders and customer logos. We are now even able to offer curved touchscreen solutions.

How does projected capacitive touch sensor technology work?

Our touchscreen technology works using a micro fine wire matrix bonded onto glass or laminated film. Find out more about our Projective Capacitive Touch Sensor Technology with a short video animation to demonstrate.

What type of impact can your touch sensor products withstand?

We understand the importance of offering vandal resistant touchscreens and we can design our sensors to meet a variety of impacts. We have facility in-house to perform common impact tests such as UL60950 or IK10. We recommend that customers perform final impact testing on the finished product (kiosk, ATM, etc.) to obtain representative data of the products’ performance in ‘real life’.

What is the maximum and minimum size of your projective capacitive touchscreens?

We can offer touchscreen sensors from 5” to 85”, covering all sizes in between. This makes Zytronic an excellent choice, whether you are looking to design a small industrial touchscreen or a large format digital signage touchscreen.

What is the maximum thickness of glass your touch sensors will operate through?

It depends on many variables.  A 6mm overlay generally presents no problem, so long as the integration is good and the ZyConfig has been set accordingly. We have some customers who use our sensors through 20mm glass, making it an ideal solution for public use touchscreen and industrial touch sensors.

How do I integrate projected capacitive touch technology with my display, kiosk, etc?

In the first instance please refer to our User Manual (section 2.1). Click to download the User Manuals

Are your touch sensors capable of multi-touch operation?

We are able to offer a fully multi touch projective capacitive sensor (MPCT). Our ZXY150 controller supports screens from 7″-22″, our ZXY200 controller supports MPCT™ sensors from 22” to 55”, and our ZXY300 controller supports screens from 55”-85”.

Both controllers offer 10 independent touch points as standard (with 40 touches available on request) – making Zytronic’s sensors ideal for touchscreen gaming applications and large format digital signage touchscreens.

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