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FM Scanu

Mining industry finds perfect solution in Zytronic’s advanced touch interaction offering


Leading Australian kiosk manufacturer FM Scanu is another company that endorsed Zytronic’s highly durable Project Capacitive Technology (PCT™), selecting the exceptional touchscreen technology for use within units deployed at mining giant BHP Billiton. The resulting ruggedized kiosks were designed to aid the management of mine personnel, and make use of the market leading performance of the touch technology by integrating a 17″ ZYPOS® touch sensor. The units are used to supply occupational health and safety information in the midst of a hectic excavation environment and Zytronic’s PCT™ screens ensure that the touch screens are virtually immune to damage.

The ZYPOS sensor touch screen kiosk

Key information

The ZYPOS® sensor consistently delivered a reliable high-standard performance, which was crucial in such a demanding environment, where coal dust, grit and moisture are prevalent. Zytronic were more than able to provide a touchscreen technology solution that could stand up to the harshest environments and still outperform. The kiosk’s operation was also unaffected when used with a gloved or dirty hand, so that information could be accessed without the hindrance that slow sensitivity can present.

The hugely successful PCT™ touch sensing mechanism comprises a matrix of micro-fine copper capacitors, embedded within a laminated substrate which is responsible for detecting the slightest touch, which is based on frequency modulation. This means that its use is quick and effortless; factors that are hugely beneficial in any working environment.


In the case of the FM Scanu/BHP Billiton kiosk, the tough, all glass PCT™ sensor is mounted behind (and functions through) an additional thick protective overlay of glass. This means the sensor and its operation is effectively impervious to extreme climatic conditions, liquids, severe scratches, vibration, or the build-up of dirt, making the finished kiosk a marvel in terms of its suitability.

As another huge benefit especially useful to a mining environment, is the fact that PCT™ is not prone to drift over time and can be completely sealed into IP67 enclosures, making it ideal for for demanding industrial, outdoor and/or public-use touch interactivity where high levels of reliability and “up-time” are a pre-requisite.

“Nothing of this kind has been possible to use at mining sites in the past, as the conditions that the kiosks would have to contend with were simply too difficult. This left a big void that needed to be filled”. We looked at many other touchscreens, but with the close support of Zytronic’s local distributor, JEA Technologies, we decided upon ZYPOS® as it offered the best combination of cost and performance. Its rugged specifications and the ease with which it could be incorporated into our design meant that we can finally address this need. We are already planning further deployments of this kind.”


Leo Scanu, CEO of FM Scanu

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