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NASCENT Technology

Ruggedised Automated Entry Control Terminals Utilize Highly Impact Resistant ZYBRID® Touch Sensor


Leaders in end-to-end Automated Gates Systems (AGS) solutions NASCENT Technology specified Zytronic’s award winning projected capacitive technology (PCT ™) touch sensors for a range of AGS kiosks.

An AGS kiosk including Zytronic projected capacitive technology

Key information

The ruggedised entry control terminals are designed to operate reliably in all-weather and demanding outdoor locations such as container ports, distribution warehouses and other logistics hubs. To meet the demanding industry application use of the AGS kiosks, Zytronic designed a bespoke, highly impact resistant 15-inch ZYBRID® touch sensor.

The laminated touch sensor is made from 6mm thick toughened, anti-glare treated glass (to aid display visibility, even in direct sunlight) and works reliably during heavy rain and crucially for this application, even when the user (truck driver) is wearing heavy work-gloves.

This is a classic example of how Zytronic’s PCT touch sensing technology is utilized in industrial applications, for its inherently rugged construction, an unrivalled ability to function reliably in all environments, and a manufacturing process flexible enough to enable bespoke designs, even in small quantities.

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