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Zytronic's ZYTOUCH® proves a safe bet for Transcity's Gaming Terminals


Zytronic secured their place as a crucial player within the gaming and leisure industry, obtaining ongoing business with Transcity, a design and manufacturing specialist. Won over by Zytronic’s innovative reputation and passionate, proactive approach to touch technology; the damage-proof ZYTOUCH® touch sensor, based on the powerful Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) presented the perfect solution for lottery and wagering terminals.

a new gaming Kiosk featuring Zytouch technology

Key information

Transcity’s client Tabcorp, Australia’s leading wagering, gaming and Keno operator relied on touch interactive displays in customer information and wagering terminals, and most recently, in its popular Keno lottery game, appearing in clubs and hotels across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Tabcorp would receive enormous benefits as a result of the array of invisible micro fine wires that constitute the ZYTOUCH®. Transcity required a custom printed 17″ (431.8 mm) version of Zytronic’s highly popular ZYTOUCH® sensor, as well as an accompanying XY controller, in order to deliver unbeatable touch accuracy and responsiveness.

As an impressive, highly sought after feature, the ZYTOUCH® sensor is resistant to damage. It is embedded for protection up to 20mm from the touch surface, and is therefore guarded against acts of vandal and the likelihood of scratching posed within a public environment. Terminals are exposed to constant use; it is therefore paramount that every aspect of a terminal is robust enough to withstand the roughest of handling. Stability, especially within crowded public areas is also essential. The superbly designed ZYTOUCH® touch sensor ensures that there is absolutely no drift, so the time consuming act of calibration is not required.

ZYTOUCH® provides quick, sensitive touch response and excellent readability with a light transmission of up to 91% through a standard sensor. Importantly, it detects touch with a gloved hand and is unaffected by liquid and dirt build up, making it very well suited to outdoor and industrial applications, or readily accessible to the public, no matter the weather or conditions. In the case of the Transcity/Tabcorp application, it meant that the touch screen enabled information and game terminals could be deployed in shops and bars, with few worries about terminal downtime and lost revenue associated with spilled drinks or malicious damage.

“We looked at various touch sensing options, but found that all conventional sensors had fundamental weaknesses, Zytronic’s sensors were the only ones that could deliver the proven performance and longevity needed in a demanding public environment. This means we can offer full assurance to customers that the terminals’ long term operation remains safe and secure regardless of the treatment they receive.”

Geoff McDowell, Managing Director of Transcity


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