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Taiwanese Skyscraper Increases Visitor Interactivity with Large Digital Signage Touchscreens


Developing an interactive tourist information system for a world famous landmark with high levels of footfall required robust, reliable and scalable touchscreen technology capable of withstanding constant public use.

A Zytronic designed tourist information point by Vital touuch at Taipei

Key Information

At the world famous Taiwanese Taipei 101 skyscraper, which boasts thousands of visitors every week, a new digital signage information display system was installed to increase engagement with visitors. The interactive tourist guide designed and installed by Taiwanese speciality systems integrator VitalTouch is located on the 89th floor of the iconic skyscraper, and provides visitors with the opportunity to interact with information about Taipei and Taiwan, using a series of linked 46” ZYBRID touch sensors, creating a panoramic touch surface.

The large ZYBRID sensors in VitalTouch’s touchscreens use Zytronic’s patented and proven PCT™ projected capacitive technology, which combines outstanding levels of touch sensitivity in a durable, low maintenance form – vital in a high profile location used by thousands of visitors every week. An additional benefit of this touch technology is its relative ease of customisation – in this case, a low reflection, low friction Anti-Glare etched glass surface, printed borders and a frameless design to create a completely flat, stylish interface.

“Zytronic’s touch sensors stood out as the optimal solution for operation in this semi-outdoor environment. Having used its [Zytronic’s] PCT-based products in other deployments in the past we were aware of how well they cope with the rigors of this type of setting, where heavy day to day use and exposure to the elements both have to be factored in.”

Morgan Wen, General Manager of VitalTouch.

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