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Flexible Manufacturing

All On Site

We manufacture all of our projected capacitive touch sensors in three modern factories near Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England. Our in-house facilities include automated cutting, edge grinding, polishing, drilling machines, thermal bending, tempering and screen printing.

Rapid Prototyping

Customers looking to accelerate their product development can count on our rapid prototyping service. Within our facilities we have built a separate dedicated clean room where our skilled technicians quickly fabricate samples and prototype touch sensor designs within a few days or weeks, so that you can see and feel how your touchscreen design looks and works. For no or low cost, this unique capability, minimises potential design issues and speeds up customer product development times.


We understand that not all customers need a large quantity of touch sensors for their project. The flexibility of our production process means that we can produce custom designs with no minimum order quantity (MOQ), whether you require one prototype to test or a handful of screens for a small production run.

Limitless Design Options

Our dedicated and experienced engineers can work with you to create bespoke products that are tailored to your exact requirements. Our touch sensors are available in near limitless choice of sizes, glass types and thicknesses. Customers are also able to specify if their touch screen is flat or curved and can request special edge profiles, cut outs, holes and slots alongside screen printed logos and borders in a huge range of colours.

No/Low Tooling Fee

Other projected capacitive touch sensor production methods are relatively inflexible, requiring expensive tooling costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars/pounds for each new design (often also with high MOQ’s attached). Our flexible manufacturing processes typically require little or no investment in special tooling to produce any new touch sensor design.

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