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Touch Controller Types

Single or Multi-touch

As leaders in projected capacitive touch technology, we offer both single (self-capacitive) and multi-touch (mutual capacitive) controllers. Combined with over 40 years of experience in glass lamination and processing knowhow, both touch detection options provide precision and resilience at the fingertips of the end user when used with a suitable operating system and software capable of handling gestures such as swipes or multiple simultaneous touches.

Various Outputs

The ease of integrating a controller to the rest of the system is a key factor to the success of user interface design. Our touch controllers are available in a range of popular communications interface including USB, Serial, SPI and I2C. All our controllers have been designed to be compliant with the Human Interface Device (HID) protocol and therefore are capable of ‘plug and play’ operation with current Windows operating systems together with suitable versions of Linux and Android.

Chip Set

Total ownership of our touch controller designs, down to our own proprietary ASICs, means that we can offer ‘chip set’ solutions. This allows us under agreement, to supply customers with our core ASIC and microprocessor (pre-loaded with our touch detection firmware) so that they can embed our controller onto another motherboard/PCB within their system, saving space and cost.

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