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Ahead of the Curve in Vegas: Zytronic’s Curved Multi-Touch Screen

13 June 2014

Casino gaming machines are just one of the new applications for curved touch screens. So, it’s fitting that this week Zytronic is bringing their concave and convex curved multi-touch capable screens to Las Vegas for InfoComm 2014.

The conference brings together the best and the brightest from the AV and communications industries to showcase the latest, leading-edge technologies in the industry. Zytronic will be stationed in the Digital Signage Pavilion, showing off a curved multi-touch screen installation. But, if you can’t make it to Vegas, we’ll bring a little slice of the action to you: here’s the lowdown on Zytronic’s curved multi-touch screens – and how they could revitalise your digital signage and information display offering.  

Emerging technologies, including digital place-based media and handheld devices like tablets and smartphones, are revolutionising the way that brands communicate with their customers. Crafting compelling and engaging experiences requires the careful synthesis of medium with message more than ever.

As retail design, merchandising and brand consultant, David Kepron, speaking at the Digital Signage Expo recently, comments:

That’s the biggest challenge. How do you capture customer attention? How do you capture that ability to differentiate between this sign and that sign, and this message and that message? In a world where there is so much to see, that is almost impossible.

The bright, dynamic displays ushered in by projected capacitive technology, with their sterling optical performance, durability and lighting fast touch operation, have become omnipresent in recent years. How, then, can businesses in the AV and communications industries reach out to customers within an increasingly crowded digital landscape?

Well, we have a few ideas.

Curved multi-touch screen technology: G2E curve ball

Curved touch screens offer an enhanced user experience, making interactions more immersive and more tactile and lending themselves to a vast array of commercial and industrial uses.

Last year, at the Global Gaming Expo, also held in Las Vegas, Zytronic staged the big reveal of their 32-inch convex curved, multi-touch screen, and thus heralded the next generation of touch screen technology. The concept unit they exhibited aimed to demonstrate the almost limitless customisation options possible with projected capacitive touch technology. Zytronic was keen to ignite the imagination of the gaming industry, and it succeeded. There followed excited speculation upon possible applications of the convex curved multi-touch screen in casinos and other entertainment venues.

This latest multi-touch projected capacitive (MPCT™) touch technology, together with other innovations, are enabling the development of a new machines that deliver a wholly new kind of gaming experience.

Flex the convex

The bulging proportions of the convex design positively invite hands-on interaction. A flick or a swipe of curved touch screen simulates the spinning reels of the real thing. And the projective capacitive technologies that underpin the screen mean unbeatably fast response times.

Immerse yourself in the concave

Concave screens offer a similar variety of uses. Immersion’s the thing here; the inward curve allows users to (almost literally) step inside their digital experience. Commercial appetites have been whetted by the potential applications within digital signage, point of sale and gaming.

InfoComm 2014

All of which brings us back to the present day and to Vegas, where at InfoComm 2014, Zytronic will be showcasing a very special installation. As well as convex screen debuted last year, delegates will have the opportunity to get their hands on a huge concave bezel-free 40” multitouch screen, replete with bespoke screen-printed border and colour backlit logo and integrated 19” ‘letterbox’ touchscreen keyboard

Tech talk

So let’s get down to business: what exactly does a curved touch screen offer your customers?

Available in customisable sizing up to 82 inches, the curved touch screen is available in single-, dual- or multi-touch configurations.  Customers can specify whether they wish their screen to be convex or concave, landscape or portrait and can even specify their desired curve radius. The curved touch screen’s flexibility is a real boon for industrial designers looking to shape a new product experience for customers.

The rugged, ZYBRID® touch sensors offer unrivalled protection against physical, mechanical and chemical damage. It has the potential to be a cost-effective and customisable solution for the most demanding of applications, such as POS, touch screen gaming and in-vehicle equipment.

Curved multi touch screen technology

Curved touch screens have an organic, tangible feel, which can add solid form to content and enable industrial designers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of touch interactivity – no matter the size or the commercial environment.

For live updates from InfoComm 2014, follow us on Twitter @Zytronic or visit us at booth N1063.

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