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He’s checking it twice! Father Christmas endorses Zytronic touch sensors*.

18 December 2018

Zytronic is pleased to announce their selection in a deployment of  an innovative interactive digital kiosk in the North pole, home to world renounced Santa’s grotto!

Father Christmas was struggling to communicate with his vast elf workforce and was looking to implement some interactive digital signage in order to improve internal communications and assist with his naughty or nice list.

ZXY500;Powering 80-point multitouch performance

Zytronic supplied Santa with several custom 60” Zybrid® multitouch sensors powered by the latest ZXY500 controllers for the 10 kiosks located at outdoor locations around the grotto. The project is one of the first commercial roll-outs of the newly launched Zytronic ZXY500 controller, enabling super narrow bezel designs and robust 80-point multitouch performance.

Performance in the harshest conditions

The North Pole has permanent continental and sea ice, with a mass of very dense cold air hovering over the Arctic during all four seasons. This was a key factor in the choice of Zytronic touch sensors, as few other touchscreens have the ability to tolerate exposure to such extreme environmental conditions.

Old saint Nic needed help with his list, stating “it’s a big list, and it can take Mrs Claus and I a long time to check it once, let alone twice! and the deployment of the kiosks at strategic locations around the grotto increases elf productivity and information sharing” adding further “Using the latest Zytronic touch controllers has enabled us to provide the same user experience as small smartphones. In addition, the ability of the touch sensors to operate reliably in unattended locations and under any environmental condition is extremely impressive.”

Sales and Marketing director Ian Crosby commented “Father Christmas is a well-known figure, and it’s been a pleasure to work with him on this project. This project demonstrates a number of benefits that Zytronic and its touch technology can offer designers of self-service equipment. The screens are able to resist damage and reindeer-related vandalism while performing reliably in the most extreme weather conditions.”


Merry Christmas from Zytronic!