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NEC Solutions Showcase – London 2014

21 May 2014

The 6th annual NEC Solutions Showcase, which was held across 2 days for the first time opened this year at The Velodrome in London.

The event, which has become the UK’s biggest AV and digital signage show of the year, delivers a unique forum to showcase the latest integrated solutions aimed at the specific needs of users within a number of vertical sectors. 2014 saw a 35% increase in visitor numbers, with over 900 attendees across the 2 day event, with further growth expected in 2015.

Zytronic Touch Sensors at NEC 2014

Our customer DisplayLite, who specialise in interactive touch screens to meet the requirements of customers exhibited at the event; showcasing their new range of products targeted at commercial, professional, retail and leisure environments. At the show, they exhibited our MPCT™ projected capacitive multi touch technology in their growing range of Zero Bezel touch tables.

Display Lite Zero Bezel Multi Touch Table

They demonstrated the 46” table which launched in July 2013, and debuted their new high performance 55” table which supports up to 40 independent touch points. Featuring our new ZXY300 controller which maximises touch point resolution in the largest projected capacitive sensors, the ZYBRID® sensors are highly rugged, offering a resilient to surface capable of handling impacts, scratches, liquid spillages and harsh cleaning chemicals without degradation of performance. This makes the touch table ideal for public use and self-service deployments such as car showrooms, hotel reception areas, shopping mall, exhibitions and museums.

Another of our customers, Harp Visual Communications whose weather and vandal resistant display systems allows clients to deploy digital signage in external and unattended environments, was also exhibiting at the event. They were showing our rugged 55” ZYTOUCH® sensors in their Rhino outdoor  display totems. The units are currently being installed in a number of UK train station concourses to provide travellers with real time, interactive scheduled arrivals & departures and local are information.

Large format digital signage Harp Visual totem

All the Zytronic customisable touch sensors on show at the NEC event offer unrivalled protection against a wide range of physical threats, and a proven, cost effective solution for the most demanding public use and self-service applications that are relied upon by end users for information.

You can see Zytronic exhibiting at InfoComm 2014 next month in Las Vegas from 14th to 20th June. For more information, visit our events page.