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Parkeon Showcase Ticket Payment Terminal using Zytronic PCT at Parkex 2012 Exhibition

02 May 2012

Parkex, Europe’s largest dedicated trade Parking Exhibition organised on behalf of the British Parking Association took place this year in London at the National Hall, Olympia. Over 2 days in April, Gregg Brown our Sales Manager for UK, Ireland, Benelux and South Africa attended the event looking to introduce attendees and exhibitors to our robust PCT™ (Projective Capacitive Technology).

Companies exhibiting this year included our customer Parkeon, who were showcasing our technology at the event with their CITYPAL parking solution. The CITYPAL features an intuitive user interface featuring a 7” colour touch screen, which is easy to use with screen icons guiding users through the process. The touch screen was created with our PCT™ touch sensor technology which is extremely robust and ruggedized.

Point of Sale (POS) touch screen terminals have been available for many years – usually behind the counter in shops and restaurants. However, the trend towards self-service for reasons of cost and convenience mean that such terminals are now being deployed in a wide variety of public-facing applications both indoors and outdoors. As a result, the latest generation of touch enabled POS kiosks require a touch technology to operate reliably in all environments and PCT™ facilitates this.

Gregg Brown who attended the event said “in general the event highlighted how few parking/ticketing terminals currently use touch screen technology. A lot of the people I spoke to were either not aware that a touch screen could be made tough enough for the types of outdoor, unsupervised environments that the terminals are typically deployed in. It means we have some way to go to educate this market sector on the benefits of our technology. With touch displays becoming part our everyday life, I believe it’s a matter of time before we start to see more terminals like these fitted with ruggedised touch screens.

The event itself was small but as most companies there were hardware manufacturers it proved useful for us. Getting to speak direct to the manufacturers themselves instead of only distributors etc is always a bonus.”

Here are Gregg’s photos taken of the Parkeon CITYPAL terminal at the Parkex event.

CITYPAL using Zytronic touchscreens at Parkex 2012

CITYPAL using Zytronic touchscreens at Parkex 2012

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