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New PCT Touch Sensor Controller Enhances Flexibility for the Wide Screen Generation

Zytronic has introduced an enhanced, off-glass controller for its Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) touch sensor products, to serve a broad selection of LCD aspect ratios including wide-screen displays, while also enhancing system flexibility and extending operating system support.

The new controllers accept twice as many capacitive array inputs, compared with the existing, standard controller, allowing accurate touch detection with screen sizes up to 65 inches. The 64 available inputs are independently assigned to sensors operating in both horizontal and vertical axes, allowing Zytronic to optimise for any aspect ratio including wide-screen applications such as next-generation gaming terminals.

The 64-input, independently configurable controller also adds support for a larger selection of operating systems, to provide greater flexibility for system integrators. Another enhancement is the possibility to extend OS support in the future. Currently available drivers support compatibility with established Microsoft® Windows™ operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows CE, as well as popular Linux variants. Open interfaces supporting custom drivers also allow system integrators to develop unique solutions using robust PCT touch sensor products from Zytronic, including ZYTOUCH®, ZYPOS®, and ZYBRID®.

In addition, the new controller’s off-glass architecture further enhances the modularity of Zytronic’s PCT touch sensors, allowing independent replacement of the sensor or controller when refitting units, for example.  This will allow owners to benefit from further savings in maintenance overheads and cost of ownership, over and above the savings realised through PCT’s driftfree operation, natural longevity and scratch-resistant operation that extends routine service intervals minimises maintenance and repair requirements.