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New Zytouch-based interactive gaming experience rolls out

Zytronic's ZYTOUCH® touchscreen technology is providing the user interface for a new gaming experience called IND:E, Interactive Networkable Digital Entertainment.  Channel 1 Games, owner of IND:E, launched the new terminal at ATEI 2004, and selected ZYTOUCH® for its extremely high resistance to everyday wear and tear and its suitability to maximise design and styling freedoms, resulting in rapid player response, and optimum game play interactivity.

“Differentiation and protection were the key drivers for touchscreen selection,” says Channel 1 Games’ managing director Steve Murray. “Performance and price were pre-requisites, and after evaluating alternative conventional touchscreen technologies, the advantages of ZYTOUCH®’s Through Glass construction proved superior for our requirements.”

Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® touchscreens are based on projected capacitive technology, which utilises micro-fine metal tracks encapsulated within a glass laminate matrix.  The technology achieves a response time of approximately 20ms and sensing accuracy to within ±1.5% of reported position. Zytronic developed a 19-inch ZYTOUCH® touch sensor for Channel 1 Games, consisting of a 5mm-thick sensor, which is positioned behind, and senses through 6mm of thermally tempered glass.

The method of touch sensor manufacture means that no additional sealing is required to ensure that the sensor performance is unaffected by cigarette ash, grease, harsh cleaning fluids, sticky drinks, and accidental or malicious damage.  As the IND:E terminals are most likely to be situated in public access areas such as bars, bowling alleys and cinema foyers, durability, fast response times and reliability of the touch sensor are critical requirements.  ZYTOUCH® is drift-free, which significantly reduces maintenance costs, delivers high optical clarity and is easily enhanced with optical filters and coatings.

IND:E is a pay-to-play, payout entertainment terminal. It is PC-based and can handle multiple games to the player, providing choice. The games, which currently include Monopoly, Battleships, Snakes and Ladders and Spot the Difference, are provided by Channel 1 Games and third party developers.  “Players have variety, exciting games of skill and the opportunity to win cash prizes,” adds Murray. “The concept relies on the touchscreen to deliver a highly interactive experience and so finding the right touchscreen technology was an essential part of the design process.  ZYTOUCH® was the only touch technology that could meet all of our criteria."

Channel 1 Games is installing IND:E terminals throughout the UK, and is now working to roll out the experience in selected European territories. All terminals are fitted with the Zytronic ZYTOUCH® touchscreen.