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Next-Generation PCT™ Controller from Zytronic Offers Designers Even Greater Flexibility for Integrated Touchscreen Solutions

In addition to showing its complete range of internationally award-winning projected capacitive technology (PCT)-based touch sensor products which includes ZYTOUCH®, ZYPOS®, and ZYBRID®, Zytronic will also be unveiling its next-generation PCT controller at SID 2006. Another recent addition to the PCT family, ZYSWITCH®, will also be on display.

The new, enhanced PCT touchscreen controller creates a compact solution suitable for chip on glass assembly and will allow Zytronic to offer customers a choice of integrated or discrete flex-mounted controllers supporting USB 2.0 or two-wire serial communications.

PCT-based ZYSWITCH is a durable touch sensor technology designed for use as a replacement for membrane keypad applications, which allows custom keypads to benefit from a zero wear-out mechanism and high resistance to scratches and physical or chemical damage. ZYSWITCH keypads can be customized to any shape or size required, and can address applications requiring up to 16 buttons such as elevator controls, domestic appliances and alarm systems.

Zytronic’s PCT touch sensors use an array of sensing wires embedded within a glass or plastic layered laminated screen. These very fine wires are near-invisible to the human eye and do not impair brightness or visibility of the underlying display system.

A PCT array can be embedded within a thick, strong laminate or behind a sacrificial front panel if required and can sense touch through a distance of up to 20mm. As a result, the sensor is well protected and impervious to accidental and malicious damage and offers much higher levels of protection, durability and reliability. PCT is also drift-free, resulting in a solution that requires little or no maintenance over time. Consequently, PCT-based systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including medical, industrial, gaming, commercial and public access.

Visitors to the Zytronic stand will also be able to see one of the industry’s most extensive ranges of frequency shielded optical filters for cost-effective solutions for the electromagnetic shielding of displays.