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ZYFILM Enables LCD Shop Window Displays

ZYFILM™, a new through-glass touch sensing film announced by Zytronic, adds touch capabilities to TFT-LCD screens up to 30” in screen size mounted behind shop windows or similar glass panels. The film attaches to the window unobtrusively without adhesive, and provides an industry-standard USB interface for fast and convenient installation.

ZYFILM enables retailers to quickly add interactive features to window-mounted LCD displays, which are now widely used to present sales messages at street level. Touch capability allows these displays to transact sales and collect customer information.

The ZYFILM sensor detects user interactions through up to 20mm of glass, which allows installation on the inside of the shop window for extra security. ZYFILM adheres using an electrostatic surface treatment, so that repositioning or removal leaves no permanent residue on the glass. It also features a convenient USB connection for data as well as power, which eliminates the cost and complexity of an external power supply.

ZYFILM touch sensors incorporate Zytronic’s patented Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™), which uses an array of embedded micro-fine wires to create a capacitive touch sensor inside a clear, laminated structure. PCT sensors deliver several advantages to commercial operators, including drift-free operation, high durability, and resistance to accidental or deliberate damage, allowing operators to minimise overheads such as servicing, maintenance and replacement costs.  In addition, ZYFILM sensors accommodate the full range of commercial TFT-LCD screen sizes, including wide-screen displays.

The complete Zytronic product range delivers a variety of rigid and flexible touch sensors for use in ecommerce, kiosks, point-of-sale equipment, public information systems and many other applications including terminals such as banking ATMs or keyless entry systems where high resistance to malicious damage is a prerequisite.

ZYFILM is available now and is fully supported through Zytronic’s international network of representatives and distributors.