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Zytronic wins Kiosk Award

Zytronic’s Zytouch touch sensor technology has won the category of ‘Input Design Excellence’ in the prestigious 2003 KIOSK™ Awards competition, established and sponsored by Kiosk Magazine.

Now in its fourth year, the competition recognises those companies that are setting standards of kiosk excellence and challenging existing technology. Kiosk Magazine received almost one hundred entries for twelve categories, which also included Software Design Excellence, Best Retail Kiosk Application and Kiosk of the Year. Described by the magazine as ‘the toughest of our competitions to date’, each entry was subjected to great examination and had to meet a rigorous set of criteria. Zytouch was recognised by the judges as being a ‘key development for interactive kiosk technology’.

Commenting on the award, Mark Cambridge, Zytronic’s marketing and sales director, touch sensor technology says, “This award recognises Zytouch as a unique and high performance technology that doesn’t compromise on factors such as operating lifetime or cost. It also realises the benefits that it brings to end users such as cost savings, reliability and anti-vandal properties. This award is also a tribute to our team of on-site experts and we are absolutely delighted to have won.”

Designed and manufactured by Zytronic, Zytouch touchscreens feature a ‘projected capacitive’ sensing technology that delivers one of the industry’s best light transmission characteristics and offers improved levels of reliability and protection against physical damage than previous technologies. This technology, which uses microfine wires embedded within a toughened laminate, is ideally suited to indoor and outdoor public access kiosk applications. Zytouch-based touchscreens feature rugged, laminated glass or polycarbonate materials that ensure true anti-vandal protection without the need for additional and costly protective screens.

Zytouch touchscreens do not require the user to make direct contact with the touch sensor and may be operated with a gloved or bare hand. In addition, the method of touchscreen manufacture ensures that no sealing is needed to ensure that the sensor remains unaffected by moisture and rain, solvents, harsh cleaning fluids, grease, dirt, scratches and all other surface damage.