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From slot machines to video jukeboxes, installed in casinos, bars and clubs, our projected capacitive touchscreen technologies enable system designers to enhance the appearance and appeal of their hardware. Customers and players will love using the touch sensor that is as responsive as their personal smartphone or tablet computer, while operators will reap the benefits of a user interface proven to deliver the reliability and ‘uptime’ they need to maximise ROI and customer satisfaction.

With the race to attract players, the development of modern slot machines, sports betting and video lottery terminals has speeded up dramatically in recent years, with the major OEMs each trying to outdo each other, and introduce innovative new hardware at each major exhibition. Consequently, proven, reliable partners and suppliers who can quickly manufacture bespoke prototype components and help minimise the time it takes to bring a new electronic table game or upright slot machine to market are key. With its flexible, end-to-end, in-house manufacturing process, and complete ownership of its patented touchscreen and touch controller technology, Zytronic is the perfect partner, to help support rapid new product development.

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