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In this section you’ll find all the support and content you’ll need for Zytronic products. We’re
here to help so please get in touch if you need any further information.


Our entry level PCT touch sensor, ZYPOS is our standard sensor range, capable of Single touch detection when combined with the appropriate Zytronic controller. These touch sensors are suitable for Indoor use and provide moderate impact resistance.

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ZYBRID is our most adaptable touch sensor range, offering a touchscreen designer limitless customisable options to suit almost any requirement. When designed with thick, toughened glass, these sensors offer high impact resistance suitable for almost any environment including both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Our most durable touch sensor, manufactured by laminating 2 or more layers of glass together. ZYTOUCH sensors are designed to withstand the most extreme impact resistance, and are perfectly suited for the most extreme environments, such as mining or prisons.

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ZYPROFILM is another version of our flexible touch foil sensor designed for use with rear projection systems, we manufacture it with an integral laminated rear projection film, and as with ZYFILM it can be provided with front surface adhesive options to enable either temporary or semi-permanent installation.

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Our award winning projected capacitive touch technology is also available in a clear flexible/rollable foil format, and can be supplied with a cling film for temporary application, or an adhesive front surface for more permanent installations.

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RFI & EMI Shielded Filters

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can be described as any form of electrical disturbance, signal or noise which interferes with the ability of electrical or electronic equipment to function correctly.

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Optical Filters & Display Protection Glass

Zytronic optical filters are used to enhance the readability of all types of electronic displays by controlling light transmission, reflection and absorption. The filters can also provide protection of the display from abrasion and damage from impact thereby extending the life of the display.

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